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When you join Hog's Head's Beer of the Month Club, you receive twelve microbrewed beers in four different styles, three bottles per style, delivered directly to your home!

What could be better than twelve hard to find, handcrafted microbrews delivered to your home? Hog's Head delivers domestic craft lagers, pilsners, ales, bitters, porters and bocks to your doorstep along with our newsletter for just $23.95 plus shipping and handling. Every microbrew we select is bold, flavorful and fresh. We choose microbrews that have nothing artificial about them. No preservatives. No additives. Just all natural and absolutely fresh as it was meant to be! Click here for more information.

Buy a beer club membership and experience today's best handcrafted microbrews, without traveling extensively in order to find them. Assisted by our panel of professional judges, we'll select premium microbrews from different domestic Brewpubs and Microbreweries and ship them directly to your door. Focused on quality, variety, and freshness, we'll supply you with unique, hard to find microbrews.

Monthly Newsletter

Here you can check out our featured microbrewed beer via our monthly newsletter, just like the newsletter which comes with your beer of the month club shipment.

You can read more information on this months featured beers, an the breweries that created them, and what qualities to look for in each. You'll also find Beer Festival listings that occur all year round, as well as Microbrewery and Brewpub reviews, interesting trivia, and special interest articles contributed by noted industry writers.

Outstanding Gift Idea

Check out the other fantastic monthly club as well! We also offer a International Wine of the Month Club! Give the gift that keeps on giving! Gift club memberships are extended celebrations of special occasions. That special birthday, your first date, your wedding anniversary, a new baby, a graduation, or any of the important life changes. Consider getting your brothers and sisters together to surprise Mom and Dad with a club gift membership. Beer club memberships make romantic gifts for Brides and Grooms. Many newlyweds honor members of their wedding party with gift memberships. And then just extend them for Mother's and Father's Days, anniversaries and their birthdays too! Memberships are also exceptional incentive gifts, a way to show your appreciation every month for creative solutions and outstanding performance.

Create a Custom Gift Card

In a hurry to get that Gift Announcement? No problem. You can create a custom gift card on our site. Simply go to Print a Gift Card, print out an announcement, fill it out and you're good to go!

Find out more about Hog's Head Beer of the Month Club.

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